Coronavirus Action

Coronavirus Action

• If you want to talk or have a practical need do not hesitate to call Ian on 07956 895 818 or Shaun on 07429 326 940, or one of the deacons, or whoever. Let someone know. You are not on your own.

• We are suspending all face to face events, classes, services and meetings with immediate effect. This means that almost none of the events in the diary or on our website will be running until further notice, including Sunday Services.

We are not, however, shutting down the church. We are moving church life ‘online’. We will stream a service on a Sunday at 11am. We will run an online seminar on Sunday at 6pm. We are also networking people together for practical and pastoral support. The aim of this is to keep in touch with one another regularly by phone and to distribute prayer needs by email. You may find that the life of the church is more vibrant, and that you are more engaged, than ever before! Let’s make that our prayer.

• We will keep Wednesday evening as a focus for praying together, perhaps using skype, or just as individuals, but knowing others are praying at the same time. We will put out a prayer email every week in time for Wednesday evening.

• Being an essential service, Foodbank, will continue to run (in a modified form) from 12-2pm on Fridays.

• We are making plans to support our wider community, especially those who are going to be isolated. We will print and distribute cards offering support to anyone in need. This may become our main work in the coming months. Please pray that it will be a significant and powerful witness.

• We will keep updated with any developments. The church whatsapp group is also important. Contact Ian if you want to be part of that group or of you want to join the email list. I am on 07956 895 818.

• Please pray that the Lord would move powerful among the church and community; that the church leadership would make wise decisions; that we would all be enabled to love one another and hold out the good news of Jesus Christ in our community at this difficult time. Maybe God is about to do something great. Let us pray that he is.