coronavirus support network

coronavirus support network

To help us look after each other and keep in touch we are setting up a support network.

1. We’ll divide the church into four groups.

2. Each group will have a small team of ‘coordinators’ who will keep in touch with their group. The ‘coordinator’ role is to make sure everyone in the group is phoned once a week for a chat. If there is a practical need then they will contact one of the ‘helpers’ to fulfil it. Prayer requests then can be fed back to Ian ready for the ‘virtual prayer meeting’ on Wednesday evening.

3. A team of ‘helpers’ will also be identified. The role of the helper is to respond to requests from the coordinators. This will mean running an errand of some kind. Obviously hygiene and social distancing is vital in this role. It should not involve direct contact with anyone.

Please be praying for one another and our community.