a call to prayer

a call to prayer

In the light of these momentous days, this is a call for us, as Grangetown Baptist Church, to seek the face of God in an intentional and focussed way.

The call is to set aside extra time for personal reflection, ‘extraordinary’ prayer (i.e. prayer beyond our normal patterns) and the renewing our vision of God & his church by prayerfully reading through the book of Acts.

Here are some resources to help with this . . .

Here is the first of the videos from Open Doors. There are ten in all. We’ll post one every couple of days through the lockdown. They will give us some insights into the book of Acts and set before us the inspiring example of our persecuted brothers and sisters across the world. Click here to go to a page just for the videos.

Introduction to Acts
Acts Part 1
Acts Part 2
Acts Part 3
Acts Part 4
Acts Part 5
Acts Part 6
Acts Part 7
Acts Part 8